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At iSB Group, we apply our expertise and experience in protecting the nation’s workforce to the full spectrum of logistics workplace environments, including cold storage.

Offering products ranging from site safety equipment and signage, to protective clothing, footwear and PPE, we provide a one-stop safety shop for the logistics industry. Whether it’s thermal clothing, safety footwear, or hi-vis, our cold store product ranges are tried and tested to ensure they are safe, comfortable to wear and provide long-lasting protection against cooler temperatures.

Safety without the compromises

For too long, keeping your employees warm at work has meant potentially compromising in other areas, such as comfort and longevity of wear.

With fewer suppliers offering freezer footwear with the latest technologies for comfort and longevity, employers may struggle to find shoes and boots that combine the necessary thermal properties with adequate flexibility of movement and shock absorption for employees that need to wear them all day long.

We consider employee wellbeing to be just as important as staff safety, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve employee experience across the board: improving health and safety, boosting morale and increasing productivity.

Cross-industry expertise

With a track record of more than 45 years providing safety workwear and equipment across a wide range of industries, our team is highly knowledgeable and combines best practice advice with tried-and-tested solutions reviewed and approved by the people that use them on the ground.

We understand what makes the cold chain sector unique, and the specific protective clothing, footwear and site safety requirements of businesses working in it. Our experience across the logistics industry enables us to consolidate the products best suited to the individual requirements of the different sectors within it, ensuring they represent the very best of what is available in the marketplace.

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A sector in growth

5 square feet

The amount of cold storage space required per household in the UK to meet current consumer demand.

Source: Savills

A recent report by Savills and the Cold Chain Federation found cold storage in the UK accounts for around 12% of total warehouse space, and that percentage is growing all the time as new facilities are constructed to cater for growing demand.

Brexit and a global pandemic have put renewed focus on ensuring supply chain resilience. As businesses shift from ‘just-in-time’ to ‘just-in-case’ models, the cold chain sector will have a vital role to play in helping manage current and ongoing economic uncertainties. What’s more, the industry is also contributing to efforts to tackle global climate change by minimising food waste and over-production.

8.45 million square feet

The minimum amount of extra cold storage space that will be required over the next five years if the UK’s current housing requirement of building 337,235 new homes each year is met.

Source: Savills

“The UK cold storage sector is buoyant and growing. It has seen plenty of international investment in recent years and the challenges of Covid and Brexit stockpiling have underlined just how vital this service is to national food supply.”

Shane Brennan, Chief Executive, Cold Chain Federation

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