MTS Footwear

European leading manufacturers of technology driven safety footwear

Why MTS?

MTS models are produced in stringent compliance with regulations and benefit from constantly enhanced technology thanks to high pressure injection facilities unique in Europe and to the development of specialised machinery.


Cutting edge industrial processes

With more than 50 years of experience, MTS has developed highly automated advanced production technology designed especially for the brand. So that it meets manufacturing and delivery deadlines every time and to guarantee the quality and traceability of its products, MTS controls the entire production chain.


Innovative Technology

To guarantee even more safety, comfort and lightness, MTS implements an active policy to develop new technologies. MTS works towards developing new state-of-the-art industrial processes to meet tomorrow’s technical challenges.


Challenging design for the entire range

To maintain a leading position on the international market, MTS wields its own design office to combine technology, comfort and good looks down to the smallest detail. It stringently selects world-renowned suppliers and the best materials (quality, strength, technical and visual performance), maintains a round-the-clock technology watch for new products and trends, and moves to meet specific market needs. From designing the fit to manufacturing the sole, all the steps involved are planned down to the smallest detail and performed to the highest ergonomics and foot anatomy standards.

Featured MTS Range

As a forerunner in innovative and even revolutionary concepts, MTS stays ahead of customers’ needs and committed to making all its products even safer, every day!

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