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At iSB Group, we know logistics, and we know safety. Offering products ranging from site safety equipment and signage, to protective clothing, safety footwear and PPE, we provide a one-stop safety shop for the logistics industry and all its subsidiary sectors, including 3PL and fulfilment. We delight in enabling our clients in these busy and varied sectors to breathe easy, knowing all their safety and wellbeing requirements are taken care of, across multiple site locations, with full transparency and control over costs.

  • Cost control
  • Safer workplaces, happier employees
  • Your one-stop safety shop

Rein in rogue spend

With exponential growth comes a need to be efficient, control costs and keep an eye on the basics of safety and compliance. Fortunately, working with iSB Group enables you to do all those things.

We have developed a powerful, online order management tool that offers easy, self-service access to our products for employees, and complete control over and visibility of spend, across multiple depots or site locations, for employers.

With Control-iT, customers benefit from their own branded web portal offering a bespoke catalogue of pre-approved products specific to their business requirements. They also get spend and stock level analytics, invoice consolidation, automatic delivery tracking, and tiered logins controlling who can order what, how much they can order, and how often.

Read about how the system helped GSF Car Parts monitor and manage its expenditure.

Your one-stop safety shop

We offer one place from where you can purchase all the products you need to keep your employees and visitors safe and well at work, including safety footwear, hi-vis clothing, pickers' gloves, site safety equipment, and signage. From safety knives that cut packaging but not skin, to anti-fatigue matting that helps reduce the strain for employees standing on their feet all day, we can provide whatever you need to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, improve staff wellbeing, and boost productivity.

All our products represent the very best of what is available in the marketplace today.

A true partner in innovation

For more than 45 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation in protective clothing, footwear, PPE and warehouse safety, pursuing the latest advances in technology for comfort and longevity whilst offering employers from the different subsections of logistics tailored solutions that have been reviewed and approved by people that have used them on the ground.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve workplace safety, wellbeing and productivity, challenging manufacturers to deliver more comfortable, longer lasting, more sustainable products that we can add to our ranges.

We encourage our customers to challenge us too, by telling us the problems they face and allowing us to help solve them by determining and then sourcing the required solutions.

“The ordering process for our workwear has improved no end! Each of our branches now has their own portal which enables them to order uniform for their staff, and I can oversee it and either confirm or decline the order. ”

“We have a good relationship with iSB, who are a very reliable and professional company. Delivery is usually next day and, when it comes to pricing iSB always give us a great deal!”

A sector in high demand

566 million square feet

Total warehousing space in the UK, 32% more than there was six years ago.

Source: Savills/UKWA, ‘The size and make-up of the UK warehouse sector’

It is no secret that technological advancements and changes in consumer buying behaviour, accelerated by a global pandemic, have led to an e-commerce boom that has had major implications for the logistics industry as a whole.

Third-party logistics and fulfilment have been two of the areas most affected by the unprecedented demand for their services. New warehouses are being filled as fast as they can be built, with many 3PLs taking on new sites to meet their customers' growing needs.

With the e-commerce boom has also come an increase in product returns, bringing a fresh set of unique challenges for 3PLs to solve around issues like efficiency and safety.

106 million square feet

The amount of warehousing space occupied by 3PLs, the UK’s largest group of occupiers, whose share of the available space has risen by 42% over the past six years.

Source: Savills/UKWA, ‘The size and make-up of the UK warehouse sector’

“It comes as no surprise that we have seen a considerable increase in the amount of space occupied by online retailers, 3PLs and parcel delivery operators in the past six years. Whilst the shift to online has been talked about for years, these figures exemplify what a significant impact it has had on the make-up of the UK warehouse market in a relatively short space of time.”

Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial & Logistics Research, Savills

Raising the bar: the iSB way

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One place for everything you need
Improve staff safety, health and wellbeing
Maintain safer sites for employees and visitors
Boost morale and increase productivity

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