Premier Paper Group

The Challenge

With 400+ employed staff spread across 18 locations a consistent corporate image is high on the agenda. The pressing need for an efficient, transparent and fool-proof garment management system became apparent. The old system of servicing all branch uniform requests from a central store had become extremely onerous and time consuming as the business continued to grow and open new branches.

The Solution

Our Control-IT GMS was tailored to Premier Paper’s specific needs. Now their administrator can step back and leave depot managers to place all their team’s requirements quickly and easily on their online portal. Pre-set and agreed garment allocations and permissions ensure that only approved uniform items/quantities can be ordered for each individual, cutting out the onerous admin approval process at head office. Managed stock levels of embroidered workwear at iSB ensure that individual staff-packed orders are despatched quickly and efficiently to the correct depot for simple distribution to the wearers.

Before iSB came along with their garment management system my life seemed to consist of bits of paper, spreadsheets and unwanted exchanges with colleagues” Pat also went on to say “I am confident that iSB is meeting all necessary criteria, which is allowing me to get on with my day job.

As iSB hold managed stock of our embroidered garments turnaround times are short. The system is extremely flexible allowing for new product lines to be very easily added to particular departments as needed. Monthly usage reports broken down for every branch enable me to easily keep a track on our uniform costs. All told, this is a highly efficient and effective system backed by a solid and reliable team at iSB!

HSEQ Manager