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Safer Warehouses and Protected Workers

As a leading supplier of workplace safety clothing and equipment to the logistics industry, iSB Group provides a one-stop safety shop for customers in all its subsidiary sectors. This includes pallet distribution, where customers benefit from being able to service all their health, safety and wellbeing needs from one supplier, safe in the knowledge that all products are proven to work in their unique environment.

  • Site Safety – Signage, Spill Control, First Aid and more
  • Forklift Operations – Hi-Vis, Hand Protection and Pedestrian Safety
  • All-Weather Workwear including Water-Resistant Footwear
  • Bespoke Branded Clothing and Signage

Your one-stop safety shop

At iSB Group, our 45 years' experience in supplying protective clothing, footwear, PPE and site safety equipment to the logistics industry means we have in-depth understanding of the types of businesses that work within it, including the specific requirements of pallet distributors.

Using a combination of best practice knowledge together with feedback from people that have used them on the ground, we offer one place from where you can purchase all the products you need to keep your employees and visitors safe and well at work.

All our solutions are tried and tested, and represent the very best of what is available in the marketplace, tailored to the specific needs of the pallet distribution sector.

Stay at the forefront of innovation

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve workplace safety, wellbeing and productivity. We question the status quo and industry ‘norms’, challenging suppliers to deliver more comfortable, longer-lasting, more sustainable products that push boundaries.

We are all about the art of the possible. Whether it’s thermal workwear that keeps you warm but prevents overheating, safety footwear that protects your feet yet allows for freedom of movement, or bespoke signage solutions that command attention in busy warehouses, we can help you to make the dream a reality.

Speak to our team about your problems, and let us help you to solve them.

Make it your own

Unify your team and improve your company’s image with bespoke, branded workwear. Create a uniformed look with clothing featuring your company logo, from base layers, to thermals and hi-vis jackets.

Got a unique message to communicate? Bespoke signage could help you get that message across to the people who need to see and understand it. From pictograms to aid comprehension for workers for whom English is not their first language, to company branding to encourage adherence to safety rules and procedures, find out more about how important visual communication is to safety and how to command attention for safer warehouses.

“The workforce is certainly more comfortable, and due to the durability of the product we get superior longevity. A good job done!”

“Everything was perfect. Fast, friendly and efficient. Thank you.”

Delivering in challenging times

27.8 million

The number of pallets delivered by members of the Association of Pallet Networks (APN) in 2020, a rise of 3.2% on 2019.

Source: APN report, March 2021


The percentage of pallets requiring next-day delivery during 2020.

Source: APN report, March 2021

Valued at $78 billion in 2020, the global pallet market has grown exponentially over the past few years, fuelled by retailers and manufacturers expanding their warehouses and increasing stock to cater for the e-commerce boom. This phenomenal growth looks set to continue, with the market expected to reach over $110 billion by 2027 (Source: Statista).

However, this unrelenting growth, together with the twin challenges of maintaining deliveries during a global pandemic, and driver shortages exacerbated by Brexit, has led to difficulties for UK pallet distributors in fulfilling customer expectations.

“…despite responding with resilience and agility to the needs of a UK under lockdown and undergoing the most major shift in trade conditions for several decades, we are having to do far more with less resource available to us than ever before.”

Paul Sanders, Founder and Chairman, APN, in an open letter to colleagues and customers, May 2021

Raising the bar: the iSB way

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Staff are warm, safe and comfortable, all day long
A safer environment for employees and visitors
New innovations in technology for comfort and longevity
Bespoke, branded clothing and signage
Boost morale and increase productivity

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